Manufacturing ideas since 1988

Leading company in industrial products and machining

AUM Zaragoza manufactures and designs tooling, automatic machines, tools and machining for all industrial sectors. From our knowledge and experience in industrial engineering, we create industrial products that help our clients to achieve effective processes, machining and solutions in their companies. We are a leading company in the sector with more than 30 years of experience and the satisfaction of an unwavering confidence in our work on the part of all our customers. 



A long and wide trajectory supports us in engineering services and in the manufacture of special and transfer machines, both circular and linear for different industrial and metal sectors. Our engineering services department can offer you the solution that best suits your needs. There is always the desire to apply as much as possible the commercial elements that our collaborators put within our reach (actuators, control and command systems, etc…) in this way, the machines we manufacture incorporate elements that are easy to replace and always comply with standards that ensure the interchangeability of these components even from different manufacturers and for all our customers. 

AUM Zaragoza

The tools designed by ‘AUM Zaragoza’ satisfy the needs and demands of all our customers better than standard manufacturing products.

Tailor-made solutions

Integration of robotic systems, machining, product handling, etc.


Our experience backs us up, manufacturing ideas since 1988.


Machining centres, numerical control lathes and grinding machines in the more than 900 m2 of facilities.


3D modeling that allows us to apply maximum precision to our products.

AUM Tooling

Hydraulic punching and
riveting machines.

Reduces costs and brings advantages to the production processes. AUM can design and manufacture all types of tooling.  The tooling can incorporate quick change systems, which reduce the time of exchange between different models.



Our machines and industrial products are equipped with high-tech hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, always backed by components manufactured by leading brands in the market. AUM’s industrial products are totally customizable and designed according to the project, adapted to the needs of each application and industrial products. 

Regulations EC

We are pioneers since 1995 applying the ‘CE’ marking.

Today we enjoy a recognized prestige. Our customers trust us, knowing that we always offer the highest level of security.

AUM Toolings

A trajectory that began more than 30 years ago. Our dedication and the trust of our customers have allowed us to grow to position our products with more than 200 customers.

  • 200 satisfied customers
  • More than 3000 projects
  • 200 Special machines
  • 8412 Manufacturing orders
Production orders

AUM is dedicated to the manufacture of automatic machines, tooling and equipment for all industrial sectors. We are known for manufacturing exclusive and customised products, to provide specific solutions for each customer. The location of AUM Zaragoza facilities is ideal to develop our activity in the National territory and countries of the EC, in the manufacture of our products we make special emphasis on the rules of Safety and Prevention of Occupational Risks.


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