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Engineering services

Aum Zaragoza
Feeding and ejection of the manufactured product is done automatically thanks to uniquely designed clamping systems.

Customised applications with integration of robotic systems in production and assembly cells, using Scara systems, 6-axis anthropomorphic robots and robots with Artificial Vision systems.

Industrial Processes Automation

Special Machines

Flexible Assembly Lines, Machining and Product Handling Units.


Linear and Circular.

Robotized Cells

4-axis Scara systems, Spider systems and anthropomorphic robots of 6 Axes.

Aum Zaragoza
Manufacture of hydraulic tools for the processing of parts. They are mounted on workstations that recognize them automatically, which allows the change between tools in a very short time. In addition, it includes all the control elements necessary for the operation.

If a modification is required, the tooling system allows it to be resolved more quickly and economically than with the use of other types of machines.

Hydraulic Punching and Riveting Machines

Different Operations

Operations such as punching, riveting and assembly of accessories.

Control and Verification

Control and verification of previous operations in other processes to guarantee the correct sequence of the process and prevent work on non-conforming parts.

Productivity and Cost Improvement

The tooling is priced below the cost of other machines, as well as freeing them from these processes for use in heavier ones.

Aum Zaragoza
AUM can design and manufacture all types of tooling and fixtures.  The tooling can incorporate quick change systems, which reduce the time of exchange between different models. The tools designed by our team meet the needs of the customer, beyond the simply commercial or standard.

Customized tools and toolings


For existing Aum or other machines. With Calibration and Dimensional Control Systems. For Machining and Product Handling.


Multiple Insert Toolholders. Robotic Application Hands. For AUM projects or according to customer needs.

Aum Zaragoza
Machining services for responsibility and precision parts.

We put at your disposal our machine park composed of machining centres, numerical control lathes and grinding machines among others, as well as the necessary technology and qualified personnel.


As needed

We analyze the existing needs according to plans and designs together with the end and the determined process of the pieces.

Manufacture and Redesign

Our own manufacturing means applied to our designs in 2D and 3D CAM, to ensure the highest quality and a highly competitive process.


Own quality controls to ensure the correct functioning and manufacture of Responsibility Parts.

Aum Zaragoza
Assessment and design, whether or not they are final products, of machines, tools or industrial products in general.

Our engineering department can offer you the solution that best suits your needs using the most modern 3D design software. This technology allows us a more comfortable follow up by the customer as far as the project design is concerned.

Technical and Engineering Office


Own technical office for in charge of solutions and custom designs.

Design and 3D Modeling

Computer tools and 3D design software to ensure the correct design and final operation.

Commercial elements

Incorporation of commercial or easily replaceable elements to other machines.  Ensuring compliance with regulations that ensure the interchangeability of these components even from different manufacturers (iso, vdma, etc…)


Automation of
industrial processes

Engineering services
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A long and wide trajectory supports us in engineering services and in the manufacture of special and transfer machines, both circular and linear for different sectors.

  • Machined machines with multiple units and fixed station.
  • Linear transfer machines.
  • Flexible assembly systems.
  • Flexible assembly, dimensional control and sealing lines.
  • CE marking and compliance with standards.
In most cases the feeding and ejection of the manufactured product is done automatically. Our engineering services mean that they are equipped with exclusively designed fastening systems, our machines can change from product to manufacture in a few minutes. Moreover, with all our customers, we keep absolute reserve in the solutions.

AUM offers custom applications with robotic system integration in production and assembly cells. Depending on the application, 4-axis Scara systems are integrated. Scara systems allow very short cycle times thanks to the high dynamics that this type of robot offers for all types of jobs and industrial orders of any kind.

For applications requiring maximum flexibility, 6-axis anthropomorphic robots are integrated. For more specific or special applications, the robots can integrate machine vision systems.

CAD/CAM Engineering

Our engineering services department will be able to offer you the solution that best suits your needs. There is always the desire to apply as much as possible the commercial elements that our collaborators put within our reach (actuators, control and command systems, etc…) in this way, the machines that we manufacture incorporate elements that are easy to replace and always comply with standards that ensure the interchangeability of these components even from different manufacturers. iso, vdma, etc..

When the market does not offer the necessary components for the solution that our customer needs, our technical department, with the means at its disposal (CAD / CAM) and counting on highly qualified personnel with more than 30 years of experience, designs these new elements.

With our own means of manufacture (cnc lathes, milling machines, cnc machining centres, grinding machines) and applying 2D and 3D CAM to our design, we can ensure a very high quality of manufacture and a highly competitive process.

Our technical department prepares the documentation and instruction book of each manufactured product, always ensuring the identification of each component and a high level of quality that always characterizes us. We belong to the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM), this allows us to subcontract at any given time any type of service with a wide range of associated companies with knowledge of the sector.


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